From the Director

Due to the deleterious effects of the pandemic fiasco colliding with a lack of sufficient financial support, Wedge Projects will be ceasing operations in its current form as a non- profit.  Sadly, we’ll no longer be able to continue our regular programming. And while the full future is yet unclear, I will be maintaining Wedge Projects using the larger of our spaces as my own studio with the intention of offering it, on occasion, as legitimate and functional exhibition /programming space for other artists.

Wedge Projects Reconsidered (WPR)

Accepting the demise of Wedge in its current form doesn’t mean, however, that I’ve lost confidence in the values and broader objectives of the Wedge Projects initiative. In fact, that is the reason for “Wedge Projects Reconsidered” which I’ve included here.

WPR is a proposal: it provides an extensive, albeit not exhaustive, rationale for and schematic conceptualization of what would be an ambitious, entirely new addition to the Chicago art world landscape. 

That said, WPR is not a pitch for “The New Wedge!” Links to Wedge or me, personally, are circumstantial and not of great consequence with regards to the goals and outcomes of what’s being proposed. 

With that in mind, I hope interested persons will feel free to convey their questions, thoughts and inspirations.

Finally, great and sincerest thanks to all who have shown up, commiserated and participated. It has been a true privilege.



Peter Fleps

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