Max Guy
Carisa Mitchell
Hide and Like Heat cover bright_edited
Matt Martin
Matt Martin
knowing things requires one first of all to place oneself between them: painting, trees
Tracie Hayes
Place Picture, Earth Form
Kandis Friesen
All is well, that has not ended
At A Distance #3
The At A Distance project was originally conceived as a way of connecting the arts community in Wichita, Kansas to a variety of contemporary art practices from other parts of the world. 
 The artist A. P. Vague, then faculty at Wichita State University, created the first iteration of this exhibition in 2017, which featured work by artists from six different countries, none of whom had previously exhibited in Kansas.
Collaborative Recognition
Jessica Sladek and FeiFan Zhang
Dorit Jordan Dotan
A Site Specific Installation
Connie Noyes
My work is an immersion in mourning research. Two-years ago when my father and husband died within days of each other, the fundamental drives of my practice changed radically. Raised in a culture where the delicate and complicated process of mourning was rushed, clearing the way to move on or “get back to normal”, this stoic posturing left no room for ritual or its importance in healing the complex emotional experience of grief.
Angela Lopez
Angela Lopez’s watercolor paintings, animations and sculptures explore the familiar and the unknown of embodiment. Her work gives tangible form to the primal animal instincts, deep rooted desires and crystalline fears that drive human behavior. Lopez subverts traditional media, rendering it sweetly uncanny. In Lopez’s work, our bodies and humanity are presented as unknowable, yet inescapable, forces in our lives.
Amanda Dunne Acevedo
small shares: a salon
small shares invites artists that have taken part in HybridSalon* by Genesis to incubate, experiment, create, discover, refine, reinvent, and showcase their original performance and installation works. Artists will come together with audience for an experiential weekend of experimental performance, thought-provoking artistic work, and conversion.
Featuring performance & installation works.
Andrew Bearnot
Andrew Bearnot:  LONG DIVISION
The Office of Metaphor
The Office of Metaphor
Amber Ginsburg and Rebecca Keller
“What does it look like, right now, to have a public and political practice that delves into history and
a deep craving for the cloister of a solitary studio?”
Jose Santiago Perez
Museum of The Mels
Mel Keiser & Melga Blank
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