Anonymous Cowboy

Advertising Billboard Project by: Anonymous Artist

Location: S.W. Corner-Howard St. and Clark St., Chicago

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Hideous Beast

Ideal Form

Hideous Beast is a collaboration between Josh Ippel and Charlie Roderick. Since 2004 they have organized participatory events, published how-to manuals and most recently created interactive sculptures and installations that examine survivalist culture. Hideous Beast operates out of Chicago. Primarily working with non-commercial art spaces, they have exhibited work with a variety of artist-run spaces, galleries, museums and festivals nationally and internationally.

Matt Martin and Joe Cassan: Assumed to Exist

Locations shift, with or without you, becoming nebulous— their boundaries warping into tangent spaces, real or otherwise: the light of a distant star reaches you. millions of years since it has extinguished remnants of action permeate your walls and memory. the space between where you are and where you can never be tangles Locations exist in part as a subspace of collapsed pasts and futures, ultimately defined by this phasing. A space where the impactful and the incidental are conflated together, and the absent and the occupied are equivalent terms.

To map these locations, to reconstruct them as they are, we fall upon devices which recognize the absurdity of trying to reveal the hiddenness of reality as it is— hidden. 

GIRLHOOD: Alyce Haliday Mcqueen

Girlhood , a forthcoming exhibition of new works by Alyce Haliday McQueen. The works on view deftly incorporate all facets of McQueen’s interdisciplinary practice. Her skillful insinuation of photography into the vernacular of sculpture underscores the intangibility of nostalgia, delivering a sense familiarity that borders, at times, on intimacy. There is also a keen understanding of space at play in these works, as McQueen leverages architecture to bridge the divide between installation and immersive environment seamlessly.

PROVIDERS: Relative Worth; Provisional Values

An installation by Peter Fleps

Providers is a mass of things, a collection of metaphor, material, process and creative labor. Foundationally, Providers aims to stimulate and direct attention towards the status of a purposeful realm of experience; that is, those relationships we create and maintain and upon which we rely for stability and satisfaction. Specifically, Providers looks towards the uncountable people and systems that provide us with everything from goods to services, information to income – and further - safety, security, community, affirmation and love.   Read More

Painting in The Real World 

Ariel Wolfe Baldwin, Marcelo Eli, Matthew Hilshorst, Michelle Stone

Curated by Claire Molek and Peter Fleps


MEL KEISER—or Mel(v.6)—was born the sixth member of The Mels clade—the first group of organisms to evolve as a series of discrete selves not physically, but phenomenologically. Arguably one of the first Mel-versions to consciously recognize her place in the evolution of The Mels, she collaborates with Melga Blank to further research into the past members of her clade.

MATT MARTIN is a Chicago-based artist whose projects are generally concerned with scale, indeterminacy, and recursive states; and are engaged with material and object interrelations, primarily through two and three dimensional assemblages, and installations. 


WEDGE presents new work by Megan Magill & Peter Fleps

Wedge projects, gallery, Chicago, Art, Peter Fleps
Wedge projects, gallery, Chicago, Art, Peter Fleps
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