Carisa Mitchell

Reception at Wedge

1448  W. Howard St. Chicago

Saturday, November 2. 5-8 P.M

"Indeterminacy is currently available as a cardboard box” 

the tension decoded these notions

the real is at the point

masking our fears as the form has no where to go


In an investigation of language as the visual and a landscape, words inside their meanings and interpretation due to placement, here we look at ourselves in half-concealing stories. The words become a place where fiction and reality can meet inside a loop which feels like it can't be broken. 


"thereby what I say means nothing and what you do means little, but when they come to tell you that, we will eat them together out of fear that they will take over." 


This becomes a space to sit with the inabilities to fully communicate our entirety; where our words become double meanings. 


Carisa Mitchell's work approaches art in the form of text inside of storytelling while looking at appropriation, language, and poetry. She does this while using materials such as screen-prints, banners, photography, video, the voice, and performance. By investigating language, Mitchell seeks to talk about our placement and how this informs our views. Inside of this language, she is interested in the inabilities to fully communicate and explain who we are in full context. While looking at the subjective, she wonders if these limits of self can be provoked beyond just the maker and how the self is a reflection of the external; such as the binaries between self and other. 


Carisa Mitchell received her BFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and an MFA at HEAD (Haute Ecole d’Art et Design), Geneva in 2017. In 2017 she was the prize-winner of Red Cross – Genève Art Prize with Collectif MNGH. In 2018, she was a prize-winner for New Heads Fondation BNP Paribas Art Awards (Switzerland). 

Max Guy

Reception at The Extension

1442  W. Howard St. Chicago

Saturday, November 2. 5-8 P.M

 Can scary things be funny?


In Azazello, Max Guy will reprise his role as the comically awkward, vaudevillian devil, Lucifer Reads. As Reads, he will reprise the role of Mikhail Bulkagov’s demon Azazello, from the novel Master and Margarita. Azazello wasn’t the funniest demon in the book, but maybe that’s for the better. The show will feature some new assemblages, some novelty items, and Mr. Guy will be performing a few nights and weekends throughout. (Schedule forthcoming)


There will be mad-libs at the reception, and for this, Max requests that guests prepare a list of the following:

 1.     Noun

2.     How do you describe your offspring? (i.e. son)

3.     Pronoun

4.     Colored object (i.e. a Golden Crown)

5.     Bladed object

6.     Synonym for “came”

7.     Some kind of shelter

8.     Dance move

9.     Wooden surface to put things on

10.  Noun

11.  Verb that is impolite to say to another person

12.  Name of a cool device

13.  Unit of measure

Max is a clumsy performer whose work stumbles through ideas of cosmopolitanism and self-affirmation. He has a BFA in Interdisciplinary Sculpture from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and an MFA from the Department of Art, Theory and Practice at Northwestern University. He has exhibited work at Prairie, The Back Room, and Bar 4000, Chicago; Moonmist, Houston; 321 Gallery, New York; What Pipeline, Detroit; Federico Vavassori, Milan; Nudashank and Franklin Street, Baltimore; and performed at Signal and Canada Gallery in New York, The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Sector 2337, and Comfort Station.

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