About Wedge

Wedge exists to:


  • Expand access to contemporary art in Chicago, and the Rogers Park area;


  • Recognize and benefit artists by supporting the fullness of their creative and professional aspirations; 


  • Catalyze creative growth and foster interrelationships between artists and the community; and


  • Create and provide opportunities, contributions and services aimed at generating a sustainable web of meaningful impact beyond its walls and name.


Increasing exposure to art and supporting artists benefits a community when it enables opportunity. Through innovative, flexible programming and outreach, Wedge is dedicated to serving artists, engaged in diverse and compelling work across a variety of disciplines. This makes possible a broader range of options for engaging with a multiplicity of audiences as it promotes a model of inclusiveness, connectedness and collaboration. 

1448  W. Howard St. Chicago, IL 60626 Phone: 847-826-4531 Email: wedgeprojects@gmail.com 


Visits to WEDGE may be arranged by appointment. Our schedule is very flexible.

Please call ahead or email us with your preferred time, including same day requests. We look forward to seeing you.

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